LinkLIft elevation system on a car production line

SOVAB - Batilly (54), France

SOVAB (Société de Véhicules Automobiles de Batilly) has been producing utility vehicles for Renault and its partners for 30 years. Currently its activity is concentrated on producing the Master III and its many versions with a production capacity of 614 vehicles per day.

The LinkLift 80 rigid chain was chosen for the design of a lifting jib on the plating plant production line. The use of the SERAPID LinkLift elevation system is an alternative to traditional systems. The system's compactness makes it possible to adapt to restricted and confined environments and only requires a shallow pit. Lubrication is automatic using a spray system.

Reliable and robust, the SERAPID LinkLift elevation system is suitable for the automobile industry's high repetitions.

Speed: 200 mm/sec
Repetitions: 45 cycles / hour, 16 hours / day, 6 days / week, 46 weeks / year, or 198,720 cycles per year.
Static load: 1,375 Kg
Working stroke: 3,750 mm

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