Lift table with lateral elevation systems

Donghye for General Motors - South Korea

To automate a level change in one of its factories, General Motors has decided to install a lift table using the brand new VLB – Vertical LinearBeam system, developed by SERAPID.
Beyond the high cadence and long service life issues (1 million cycles at maximum load), the use of the VLB solution makes it possible to offset the magazines to the sides of the platform, thereby gaining space vertically. In fact, the chain is stored vertically in the magazine.
To increase the platform’s capacities and optimise safety, 2 VLBs were installed on either side of the platform.

Completed platform specifications :

  • Load : 3.2 tonnes
  • Stroke : 2.7 meters
  • Speed : 300 mm/sec

SERAPID uses rigid chain technology to lift the platforms, specially HDLift (Heavy Duty Lift) or VLB (Vertical Linear Beam) chains depending on the project specifics. These systems are specially manufactured to meet severe constraints. The compactness of SERAPID equipment makes it possible to install it in reduced spaces, its simple and robust design also guarantees operation in demanding and drastic conditions.
These products are available in different sizes with different options for all sectors of industrial activity, depending on customer needs.

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