GPO: Press die positioning and transfer system

Richard Manutention - France Die carrying stacker - GPO - with a 12 tonne capacity

This die carrying stacker for Richard Manutention replaces the manual press die loading and unloading stations.

The stacker is fitted with 2 LinearBeam rigid chain actuators, with storage at 180°. It is multi-purpose and can be used to service several presses and transport and position dies.

The SERAPID GPO made it possible to free up valuable ground space by removing the existing static stations; and made press die transfer and change operations safer, as the dies are never handled by the operators. The time-saving quick die system substantially increased productivity.

SERAPID GPO series stackers increase your efficiency, safety, reliability in the press environment and generally in all workplace areas in which heavy loads need to be transferred carefully and precisely. The operator driven stacker does not require a warehouse operator licence.

There are several models in the SERAPID GPO line: < 4 tonnes, 4-6 tonnes ; 6-8 tonnes ; 10-12 tonnes, 15 tonnes.

Our GPOs can all be adapted to your specific needs, including for heavier loads. Contact us.

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