Driver-operated truck with dual load platforms

Bosch (via Fenwick) – Vendôme (37), France

Bosch’s plant has been using SERAPID rigid chain technology for 23 years, with a driver-operated truck adapted to the constraints of its press shop and cutting hall. When the truck neared the end of its useful life, with a renewed confidence, it was replaced by a new SERAPID truck, designed according to rigorous specifications requiring compactness, increased productivity and safe use for operators.
Designed on the basis of a Fenwick retractable truck, it saves valuable space and facilitates circulation between presses and tool storage areas. Its 2 loading trays make it possible to gain a round trip for each change of tools.
In addition, its height has been optimized: an increase of 800 mm allowed the addition of a new level on the global storage space and thus a gain of nearly 20 % of this area.

Characteristics :
Load capacity : 2 x 3 tonnes
Lifting : 2 640 mm

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