Die stacker (GPO truck) for low handling height, 20T capacity

Autoneum – Chocen, Czech Republic

Renewed trust for Autoneum, a historic customer of SERAPID, who recently ordered a die carrying stacker (GPO truck) for its site in Chocen, 200kms from Prague, Czech Republic. This third stacker with a capacity of 20 tons completes the equipment of the plant, for which SERAPID has already supplied 2 GPO trucks of 10 and 12 tons.

Saving time and securing are thus ensured during the operation of changing the tool of a press located in a critical zone - thermoforming - and the transport of this tool to the storage area.
This new GPO truck is controlled remotely and securely on specific areas dedicated by an authorized operator thanks to wireless control, for optimal maneuverability. It can also be used conventionally with a drawbar.

Load capacity: 20 tonnes
Tooling handling height: 200 mm

Protected environment: less noisy and oil-free. Fully electric powered machines also generate less sound pollution when in use, as well as less maintenance (no oil leakage or spent oil recycling issues).
Safety and productivity: the SERAPID GPO Trucks provide optimum safety in the press environment, keeping the operator away from danger zones and allowing time saving in production thanks to quick die changing.

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