20 tonne capacity die carrying stacker

Feltex Automotive - Durban, South Africa

Following the reorganisation of the Durban factory, Feltex chose the SERAPID solution for its quick die changes on a new production line composed of 4 presses to produce interior fitting panels for cars. 
The die carrying stacker designed by the SERAPID teams makes it possible to load and unload 20 tonne dies thanks to its double rigid chain push/pull system.

More accurate elevation : this GPO is fully electric, making more accurate lifting than with a hydraulic system possible. The elevation system’s accuracy makes it possible to level the pre-heating stations or the storage racks perfectly at the press height, whatever the load.

Minimum lowest height : The elevation is provided by 4 LinkLift elevator columns, of which the reduced size has made it possible to lower the elevator platform’s lowest position.

Protected environment : less noisy and oil-free. Fully electric powered machines also generate less sound pollution when in use, as well as less maintenance (no oil leakage or spent oil recycling issues).

Safety and productivity : the SERAPID GPO Trucks provide optimum safety in the press environment, keeping the operator away from danger zones and allowing time saving in production thanks to quick die changing. The battery change station has been designed to provide quick, easy and completely safe battery changes.

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