Ergonomic work platform for the aeronautics industry

Futuramic Tool & Engineering for Boeing - United States

This 4.6 metre high and 12.2 metre long platform was designed for work on the fuselage of all types of aircraft in a stable environment at height. This platform is comprised of motorised slider catwalks that can be deployed over lengths of 1.78 metres.

SERAPID rigid chain technology was used to actuate these catwalks. LinearBeams are built into the platform. The chain's natural compliance makes it possible to absorb fluctuations of the slider fixture interface due to its progressive bending. The chain's flexibility makes gradual and impact-free berthing possible. A pivoting system at the end of each one of these catwalks makes it possible to follow the curve of the fuselage. Each LinearBeam can be actuated separately, very accurately and without jolts.

Characteristics :
Load : 500 kg
Stroke : 3 000 mm
Speed : 100 mm/sec
Cycles : < 5000 / year

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