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SERAPID is an upcoming company at the forefront of technological innovation and cutting-edge engineering. With a global mission to revolutionize heavy load movement using eco-friendly rigid chain technology.

Working at SERAPID

SERAPID is always looking for talented and motivated individuals to join our team. We are an exciting, growing company with a unique product offering, covering a wide range of industries, with locations across the globe.

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Revolutionizing Heavy Load Movement with Environmentally Friendly Rigid Chain Technology.

At SERAPID, we offer more than just careers; we provide opportunities to be part of a groundbreaking mission. Our commitment lies in utilizing rigid chain technology to revolutionize the movement of heavy loads while prioritizing environmental sustainability. We are dedicated to creating solutions that not only meet the demands of industry but also minimize ecological impact. Whether it's engineering, manufacturing, or research, at SERAPID, you'll find a career that not only challenges you but also enables you to make a meaningful difference in the world.

International Locations
23 new jobs in 2023
Engineered + Manufactured

Job offers

We are considering candidates in Finance, Engineering, Sales, Product Development, and Project Management. We offer a fulfilling environment where initiative, innovation, and collaboration are key to our shared success.

Send your CV to:
Europe/Asia: recrutement-fr@serapid.com
North America: recruitment-us@serapid.com



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