Innovative Engineered Solutions for the
Elevation & Transfer of Heavy Loads

Industrial Handling

SERAPID meets the needs of industry professionals for the horizontal and vertical transfer of heavy loads and the rapid change of press tools and other specific training needs.
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Stage Systems

Theatres, opera houses, concert halls, museums, universities, congress centres, hotels, cultural centres, shopping centres, SERAPID meets any need for horizontal or vertical movement and stage modularity.
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Lift Systems

SERAPID offers a complete range of cars, trucks, goods and special lifts equipped with our unique Rigid Chain Technology (RCT), which offers significant key advantages over traditional technologies.
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Moving heavy loads often involves complex challenges:

Limited Space: Necessitates costly and time-consuming modifications to your facility.
Reliability Issues: Results in problems like poor performance, costly maintenance and downtime.
Environmental Impacts: Equipment that contributes to pollution is subject to regulations and disposal fees.
Safety Risks: Requires avoiding hydraulic hazards such as fluid leaks and overheating.
Weight and Distance Limitations: Moving heavy loads over long distances can be limited.
Accuracy and Positioning: Modern circumstances require extremely precise, repeatable movements.

SERAPID solves these issues using our proprietary Rigid Chain Technology.

How It Works: Rigid Chain Technology

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Examples of Proven Use Cases

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Solutions for a Sustainable Future

At SERAPID Group, our commitment to sustainability is driven by four fundamental pillars: Environment, People, Innovation, and Governance. We remain resolute in our mission to drive positive change for the planet, our employees, and our global community.

We have set ambitious goals to reduce our carbon footprint, help conserve natural resources by reducing energy consumption, and champion sustainable practices throughout our operations. Our dedication to innovation fuels our quest to develop breakthrough linear motion solutions and products, while held accountable to the highest ethical standards and transparency in operations.


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SERAPID designs and manufactures custom systems and
bespoke solutions using our proprietary Rigid Chain Technology

SERAPID systems have been incorporated in all manner of applications, from the aeronautics industry to the Olympic games. Rigid Chain Technology allows for  innovative solutions to complex design challenges.

Discover your ideal actuator. Explore common options & dive deep into Rigid Chain Technology's benefits & comparisons.

The newest addition to the SERAPID Product Line, the DLDS (Dual Lift Drive System) has now received certification from Liftinstituut BV!

Find a solution that suits your needs

Vertical movement

Horizontal Push / Pull Movement

Venue Transformation

Quick Die Exchange

Innovative & Flexible

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SERAPID is recognized as an industry leader in load transfer and linear movement worldwide,
proud to deliver the highest standards of excellence for more than 50 years.


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