Retractable roof - Campo Pequeno, Lisbon, Portugal Detail of retractable roof - Campo Pequeno, Lisbon, Portugal Rising Tide Bar - Oasis of the SeasRising catwalk - Fashion Show Mall, Las VegasFlexible venue - Fondation Louis Vuitton (LVMH)Singapore Sports HubTyphoon Theatre - Specialty Lift PlatformLift columns - Olympic Summer Games 2008 Opening CeremonyCatwalk - Dubai MallLift systems - National World War II Museum, New Orleans, USA

Building Dynamics

Serapid Technology - Ideal for Architectural Applications

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Serapid has been specialising in horizontal and vertical motion through the use of our Rigid Chain Technology (RCT) for over 40 years.  With the experience of thousands of lifting and linear actuation systems, Serapid is able to provide unique moving features in buildings. With systems capable of pushing and pulling structures weighing over 200 tonnes and lifting capabilities in excess of 300 tonnes, Serapid has the products and know how to make movement in buildings a reality. There are few limits to what can be achieved.Contact Us
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 Truck and Goods Lifts

Serapid LinkLifts were chosen for a retrofit of a goods lift for General Motors IBC plant in the UK because of their reliability, low maintenance requirement, short installation time and the fact that LinkLift Columns are incompressible, hence no movement of the car when loads enter or leave the lift. Download project sheet

overhead drawing of good lift Overhead view

Flexible Venues

With LinkLift™ systems you can go from flat floor to a room full of raked seating at the touch of a button. Moving walls, floors and deployable seating minimize your turn-around time to maximize your ability to make use of your space.

Rigid Chain (RCT) driven retractable seating system

  • Propulsion without floor contact
  • Mechanical synchronization of chains
  • Precise positioning by integrated end switch
  • No maintenance - perfect parallelization
  • Controlled partial extension

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Specialist Lifting Systems

The LinkLift™ family of Rigid Chains is a unique method for precise linear movement of heavy loads. Based on a simple electro-mechanical system, it provides a reliable, durable and low-maintenance solution to moving loads in areas that are unsafe, inaccessible or expensive for personnel to reach.

Heron Tower, London

Heron Tower, London. Serapid technology was used to overcome the problem of maintaining the aircraft warning beacon on top of a narrow 34 metre sprire mounted on the tower. Serapid's unique lifting technology was used to raise and lower the light 47 metres for maintenance in a plant room below. Download project sheet

Spire - Heron Tower

Moveable Structures

Our Rigid Chain provides linear motion for loads of almost any size to millimeter repeatability, moving extremely heavy structures such as roof systems, walls and seating towers with precision.

The Campo Pequeno was the premium bull ring in Lisbon and an architectural icon. By the year 2000 it was starting to fall into disrepair and it was decided to redevelop the arena to allow it to be used not only for bull fighting but also for concerts, circuses and shows.

As part of the renovation a roof was fitted. While closed for the majority of events, it needs to be opened for bull fighting. Serapid supplied its Rigid Chain Technology (RCT) to operate 8 roof segments which, when retracted, provide a 36 metre diameter opening in the centre of the roof.

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Kinetic Architecture

With Serapid technology you are no longer captive to the building’s base form. You can modify your spaces to fit changing functions: move walls, ceilings, floors within or outside the envelope of the building. 


Drawing of Skydeck box

The Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) uses LinkLift™ to move a glass skybox into the room for maintenance and back outside to the building’s envelope. The Skydeck is a favorite tourist attraction with staggering views 103 floors above the sidewalk below.

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The Serapid LinkLift™ has numerous advantages to hydraulic or hydraulic/cable systems:

    • Reliable: the LinkLift™ is a robust and simple electro-mechanical system with no pumps, glands, oil, valves or complicated controls.
    • No requirement for locking pins or compensation system and no differential movement under uneven loading – the car or platform cannot move away from park position as weight is increased
    • All load distributed through floor
    • Low maintenance requirement
    • No oversize shaft or deep pit required and there is no machine room required.
    • High mechanical efficiency provides a much lower energy use – as much as 2/3rd’s lower
    • No heat removal requirement
    • Energy regeneration available
    • Certified by the German office of certification RWTUV
    • Certified by the LiftInstitute against EN81:1 and 31

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Customer review:

“I don’t remember how we came across Serapid; possibly when hunting around for a technical precedent for what we wanted to propose, which existed, as far as we knew, only in theatre staging systems.  What the Serapid team brought first was an incredible openness to taking on what, to most people, would have sounded like an impossible challenge: to make a piece of public space move.  Where we would have expected every other company on earth to say ‘no, it’s not possible’, Serapid simply brought solid technical expertise and immediately set about demonstrating how it could not only be made possible, but completely plausible and reliable.”

David Saxby


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