Bolster Extensions

Bolster extensions provide a console, or bracket, for depositing and aligning the die before it is moved inside the press. They are also used to bridge gaps between the press and rail-bound die carts or shuttles. Thanks to a light-weight structure made from an aluminum alloy, the bolster extensions are available as fixed, swing-aside or completely mobile versions.

All consoles feature large durable rollers and corresponding rolling paths that line up seamlessly with lifter bars located in the bolsters. A variety of bolster extension options are available to meet your company's unique requirements, both standard and custom design.

Features and benefits:

  • Low rolling friction
  • Light-weight construction
  • Fixed, swing-away and mobile versions

Bolster Extensions
Bolster Extensions

Recent Applications:

  • Appliance manufacturer
  • Automotive supplier
  • Tool and Machine shops

Please contact Serapid for questions regarding specific options and applications.

Removeable Bolster Extension, type CSL
Swing-aside Bolster Extension with leg, type CSQ