Scenery Movement - Silent (SCT) Systems

Scenery Movement - Silent (SCT) Systems


Our horizontal systems for scenery movement (SCT) feature high transfer speeds at extremely low noise levels.  Materials used in the chain rollers and guides are not only highly soundproof but allow for the stage wagons to glide at a whisper.  These low friction materials also facilitate crossing tracks and allow stage-wagon systems on multiple levels. Fast and silent, SCT systems can be operated during performance.

Like all of our chains, the silent chain coils to store efficiently and compactly. Chain returns can be redirected to store vertically or horizontally above or below the stage.  The stage wagon systems are available in two sizes for different load capacities, are modular and easy to install.

Features and benefits:

  • Fast: up to 1m/s (200 ft/mn)
  • Silent: 45 to 55 dBA
  • Chain guides also used to guide wagons
  • Crossing tracks
  • Payload up to 35 tons (77,000 lbs) per chain

SCT Theatre

Principles of Stage Wagon Transfer

Each system can push and pull a stage wagon over long distances of travel.Positioned at 90 degrees, these systems offer the possibility to cross over up down stage tracks with cross stage tracks.When one of the chains is retracted, it frees the guide, thereby allowing the system positioned at 90 degrees to be operated.With the chains passing under the wagons, the system allows the transfer of wagon A leaving wagon B in position.The sketch below shows a typical transfer layout.

Diagram of a stage wagon

Legend for a typical theatrical stage system:
A:Stage wagon A in side to side movement.
B:Stage wagon B in forward/backward movement.
C:Compensator in high position.
D:Chain guides
E:Chain storage.
F:Drive housings and return housings.






Fast and silent, Serapid systems offers total scenery changing flexibility in an environment of complete safety.
The stage wagon systems are available in two sizes, SCT40 and SCT60, corresponding to different load capacities.


Chain sizeSCT40SCT60
maximum pushing force750 daN (1686 lbf)2500 daN (5620 lbf)
maximum speed1 m/s (3.3 ft./s)1 m/s (3.3 ft./s)
maximum play1.2 mm/m (.014 in/ft)0.8 mm/m (.010 in/ft)
compression / extension of the chain with the maximum effort2mm/m (.08 in./m)
for 2000 daN (4412 lbs)
max push/pull force
guide noise levels depending on speed45 à 55 dbA45 à 55 dbA
drive housing noise levels depending on speed60 à 67 dbA60 à 67 dbA
load of the chain6 Kg/m17 Kg/m
load of the drive housing35 Kg150 Kg
load of the guiding chain (active)20 Kg /m (13.4 lb/ft)
30 Kg /m (20.2 lb/ft)
load of the guiding chain (magazine)4 Kg /m (2.7 lb/ft)
12 Kg /m (8.1 lb/ft)
load of the complete "guiding cross"16 Kg (35 lb)
25 Kg (55 lb)


*We recommend you consult our engineers for individual project assessments.
The noise levels are taken at 1m (3.3 ft.) from the source.