About Serapid

About Serapid

Founded in 1972, Serapid specializes in the safe handling of very heavy loads. The company’s expertise lies in those applications with heavy loads and long stroke requirements, limited space and the need for accuracy and repeatability.

Serapid’s core technology is the Rigid Chain, the chain that can push. It consists of interlocking links that behave like a chain yet lock like a rigid bar, providing a safe, reliable and compact telescopic actuation mechanism that also works in harsh environments.

From its first years of operation, Serapid has been providing load transfer systems for the nuclear, steel and automotive industries. Solutions include lifts and push/pull systems used for nuclear waste transfer, car lifts and pallet pushing systems. Serapid is also one of the world’s recognized experts in Quick Die Change, a process that requires the handling of very heavy stamping dies, in excess of 100 tons.

Serapid’s experience in industry and manufacturing set the stage for their debut in the theatre. In 1996 they developed and supplied the first stage wagon system on board a cruise ship. Three years later in 1999, they developed the LinkLift lifting column and won the Product of the Year award for the LinkLift 100 at the LDI Theatre Show. In 2003 Serapid developed the LinkLift 80 and took Best of Show at the Showtec Exhibition in Berlin. In 2008, the world got a glimpse of Serapid lifts in action during the 2008 Summer Olympic Opening Ceremonies in Beijing. Serapid provided 62 lift columns covering an area of 11,625 ft”.

Serapid now employs 87 people worldwide. Offices across the world include Sterling Heights, MI (USA) Londinieres (France), Rouxmesnil (France), Bad Mergentheim (Germany) and Bury-St-Edmunds (United Kingdom). Serapid has agents in Italy, China, Korea, Spain, Australia and Brazil.