TeleMast™ closeup

TeleMast for Industry and Defense

The Serapid TeleMast is a telescopic self-guided lifting column made of high-strength, lightweight aluminum, capable of lifting heavy loads swiftly and smoothly to heights of 40 feet or more. The standard TeleMast™ has the capacity to lift a maximum payload of 1000 lbs at speeds up to 60 fpm with precision positioning. It can hold its position indefinitely, has no drift, and can withstand side forces such as high winds. It is temperature resistant, well-suited to harsh environments and is non-hydraulic, therefore needing little maintenance.

The TeleMast™ is powered by the Rigid Chain actuator. The actuator is made with a unique chain link that allows the chain to lock to form a rigid column, or unlock to coil into a compact storage magazine.

Recent TeleMast™ projects include:

 The Containerized Weapons System “CWS”, a remote-operated system that allows soldiers to man weapons from a protected location. The product, known as CWS, made its debut at the 2012 Association of the United States Army annual meeting. For the CWS, three Serapid TeleMast™ units were used, linked and synchronized in motion. The weapons are mounted at the top, and the unit can be used with any weapon, including the M2 .50-cal, the M240B gun and the M134 mini gun. On command the gun mount can be elevated from its hidden location to defend military or civilian positions.

TeleMast for Defense

Custom Metrology System, a system produced for an engineering-based metrology specialist services provider. Comprised of 20 freestanding telescoping mast units, these masts feature a minimal footprint and can be positioned with an accuracy of less than 1” on 3 axes with a mast speed of 20 fpm. As the unique Rigid Chain lift column is powered electro-mechanically, the issues involved with hydraulics and pneumatics are avoided, the TeleMast™ allowing for the smooth extension and retraction of the masts even in case of high side forces (wind) or in case of ice build up on the mast surfaces.  The masts can be used in a temporary installation, can be positioned fairly quickly, and are easily converted to a permanent installation in the future.

TeleMast for Metrology

TeleMast extended

The Triple Mast Station, designed and produced for an engineering and scientific services firm engaged in providing support and services to the US Department of Defense. The TeleMast™ Triple Mast Station is made of anodized aluminum tubes telescoping inside each other, and is able to lift a heavy load smoothly and quietly, and is operated by remote control. The TeleMast™ is powered up/down electro-mechanically with no hydraulics or pneumatics involved. Operated by a single motor, the 3 masts are synchronized and operate seamlessly as one unit; the positioning is done with a programmable cam switch at the base. The station allows the stable lift and positioning of as much as 750 lbs. with accuracy within 5mm. The mast can travel 11 ft. in 30 seconds, from 4 feet retracted to 15 feet extended, and will come down smoothly even in case of high side forces (wind).

Please contact Serapid for questions regarding specific options and applications.