The ChainLift is a rigid chain mechanical actuator designed specifically for the vertical movement of heavy loads.  The ChainLift is a standard-duty system for applications with up to 10 duty cycles per hour, which includes most industrial warehousing applications.

Made of specialized links designed to lock together when force is applied, with a central roller guided between two plates, the chain forms a rigid column to push the load upward along the lift path. When lowering the load, the pinions slow down or hold up the load against the force of gravity. These links are connected flexibly at the cross-axes which allow the chain to coil for compact storage.

This technology allows high-performance solutions to be implemented easily even in complex projects and demanding environments. Our comprehensive range of ChainLift models allows solutions to match your exact specifications.

Features and benefits:

  • Complete range of models
  • Performs under harsh conditions
  • Low noise, low maintenance
  • High column stability and axis resistance

Recent Applications:

  • Cantilever lift
  • Museum display positioning
  • Kiln door opening

Please contact Serapid for questions regarding specific options and applications.