LinkLiftThe LinkLift is a rigid chain mechanical actuator designed specifically for the vertical movement of heavy loads.

The LinkLift chain is made of block shaped links with square cross-sections that interlock under a load to form a rigid and stable lifting column. When inactive, the chain coils for compact and efficient storage.  The LinkLift is electro-mechanically driven, and has excellent acoustic characteristics. The LinkLift is a standard in load capacity and elevating height, as well as in safety, reliability and flexibility.

This technology allows high-performance solutions to be implemented easily even in complex projects and demanding environments. Our comprehensive range of LinkLift models allows solutions to match your exact specifications.

Features and benefits:
•    Complete range of models
•    Able to take up external pulling forces such as seismic shock or at sea
•    Performs under harsh conditions
•    Low noise, low maintenance

•    Assembly assist personnel platform lift
•    Vehicle storage lift
•    Aircraft maintenance lift

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