Orchestra Lifts

Orchestra Lifts

Orchestra LiftMade with the award-winning LinkLift™, a standard in load capacity and elevating height, Serapid Orchestra Pit Lifts are installed in theatres and performance venues over the world.  Safe, reliable and adaptable to demanding environments and complex projects, Serapid orchestra lift systems are custom designed for each venue.

A complete range of models combined with the excellent acoustic qualities and high load capacity of our products allows for flexible pit configurations for any type of production.  Raising and lowering the pit, extending the stage or seating area when needed, is all done with the ease of a touch screen controller.

Serapid Orchestra Lifts are:

  • Fast
  • Precise positioning
  • Nearly silent
  • Low maintenance
  • Reliable and secure

The LinkLift™ - the lift system for the entertainment industry

The LinkLift™ is made with Rigid Chain Technology (RCT) and is designed specifically for precise vertical movement of heavy loads.  A standard in load capacity and travel, as well as in safety, reliability and flexibility, our exclusive  technology allows high-performance solutions to be implemented easily for simple or complex projects and in demanding environments.

Please contact Serapid for questions regarding specific options and applications.