Rolling Bolsters

Rolling Bolsters

The rolling bolster is the preferred solution to material and load positioning when the press table is at ground level. With this equipment, the operator rolls the die out of the press, unbolts it from the bolster, removes it, sets the new die on the bolster and bolts it, and rolls the new bolster into the press–all within 10 to 15 minutes.

A rigid chain rolling bolster system can be installed on any straight-side press with a bed height from 0 to 30 in. off the floor. It is especially useful for bed heights from 0 to 16 in., for which die carts and die transfer tables might not be suitable. Adding another bolster can eliminate the use of cranes reducing die change time to five minutes or less, and with the addition of hydraulic clamps the system can be made to run in full automatic mode, further reducing changeover time and eliminating errors caused by manual handling.

Features and benefits:

  • die change time: 15 min
  • die handling at ground level
  • built-in safety mechanism, movements are monitored via optical sensors
  • very cost-effective solution
  • powered electrically
  • raised rolling bolsters are also available (For press beds up to 30" above the floor)

Recent Applications:

  • Appliance manufacturer
  • Automotive supplier
  • Tool and Machine shops

Please contact Serapid for questions regarding specific options and applications.