The LinearBeam is a mechanical rodless linear actuator with a high thrust capacity and a virtually unlimited stroke.

The LinearBeam features positive, accurate and repetitive positioning; it runs fast and smooth, using the robust and reliable rigid chain. It can be integrated into existing machines and is driven either electrically, pneumatically or hydraulically. Available in standard and heavy duty models, this actuator is well-suited for the harsh factory floor or any other environment. A full range of options allows adaptation to your individual conditions.

Features and benefits:

  • Positive, accurate and repetitive positioning
  • Mechanical system built for heavy-duty industrial applications
  • Long list of options and design variations

Recent Applications:

  • 100 ft (30 meter) system for handling nuclear waste
  • Linear movement of a 200 ton organ across a stage
  • Open/Close a roof
  • Horizontal transfer of a die cart

Please contact Serapid for questions regarding specific options and applications.

Serapid Linear Beam