Roller Bars

Roller Bars

Roller BarsIdeal for heavier duty and higher capacity die transfer applications, Serapid roller bars can handle greater dynamic force and higher shock loads than standard die lifters, making for a more reliable method of transferring very heavy dies or other heavy duty linear motion applications.

This robust construction helps in avoiding production stoppages and safety issues due to breakdowns.  Fixed or hydraulically powered for lifting, the roller bars are available in a variety of sizes and designs.  Serapid die change engineering specialists are available to consult with you to determine the best solution for your facility.

Features and benefits:

  • High capacity, heavier duty
  • More durable and reliable
  • More reliable operation

Roller Bars

Recent Applications:

  • Appliance manufacturer
  • Automotive supplier
  • Tool and Machine shops

Please contact Serapid for questions regarding specific options and applications.