Serapid Introduces New Pipe Inspection Product

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sterling Heights, MI, April 17, 2014 – Serapid Inc., a company known for innovation in producing precision movement products and systems has developed a new product specific to the tube and pipe industry.

This new version of Serapid’s telescopic rigid chain product is optimized for use in pipe inspection and processing applications. A core feature of the Serapid rigid chain (RCT), sometimes called push chain or push-pull chain, is its ability to extend telescopically.  This capability is central to the rigid chains unique capacity to extend through the inside of pipes.

With the ability to extend over 60 feet at speeds of 100 feet per minute, the rigid chain will meet most pipe processing requirements. The pipe optimized rigid chain has the standard open loop, locking link and compact storage typical with all Serapid chains, but this product has incorporated large support rollers that extend below the level of the link plates to keep the chain slightly above the pipes specifically to avoid surface wear or damage.

Typical pipe related uses include:

  • ID size check
  • Scarf removal
  • Assembly assist
  • Deburring,
  • Part placement

“Being engineers, we are always looking to solve problems,” Thom Tinetti, Serapid’s Senior Industrial Sales Manager stated, “Here at Serapid, we’re dedicated to developing the most innovative products to accomplish that goal”.

About Serapid

The award winning lift, quick die change and horizontal transfer system provider, Serapid, Inc. (, specializes in Rigid Chain Technology (RCT) for applications in diverse industries including architecture, nuclear, medical, defense, steel, automation, engineering, manufacturing, theater, and entertainment. Serapid has a longstanding commitment to continued innovation in product design as well as to providing leadership in the advancement of engineering practices worldwide.

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