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Serapid Technology - Ideal for Industrial Applications

Serapid has been specialising in horizontal and vertical motion through the use of our Rigid Chain Technology (RCT) for over 40 years.  With the experience of thousands of lifting and linear actuation systems, Serapid is able to provide unique moving features in buildings. With systems capable of pushing and pulling structures weighing over 200 tonnes and lifting capabilities in excess of 300 tonnes, Serapid has the products and know how to make movement in buildings a reality. There are few limits to what can be achieved.

Industrial Lifts

Serapid engineered lifts are custom design lift systems for manufacturing, military, theatre, automotive and general industrial applications. High cycle, heavy duty, self-guided lifts, work platforms, and scissor lifts especially suited for heavy loads, long strokes and harsh environments. These actuators are entirely mechanical thus eliminating the issues associated with hydraulic and pneumatic systems

Quick Die Change

Serapid is an industry leader in providing quick die change systems and equipment for the metalforming industry. The products Serapid offers include specific die change systems as well as a complete line of standard and custom-engineered die change systems, covering virtually any requirement posed by current manufacturing methods.Read more.


The essential feature of the Serapid Rigid Chains:  they can pull or push a load. An alternative to the traditional systems, the Rigid Chain can be used for strokes longer than with endless screws, need no hydraulic fluids, and unlike winches, can move the load in both directions. The Rigid Chain is a safe, reliable and compact telescopic actuation mechanism that is environmentally friendly and works in harsh environments. It features positive, accurate and repetitive positioning, runs fast and smooth, and can be integrated into existing machines.

Telescopic Masts

The Serapid TeleMast is a telescopic self-guided lifting column made of high-strength, lightweight aluminum, capable of lifting heavy loads swiftly and smoothly to heights of 40 feet or more. Payload capacities range from 200 to 1000 lbs. with speeds up to 60 fpm. The TeleMast has precision positioning, virtually no drift and is able to hold its position indefinitely. Read more.

Specialized Machinery

Our wide range of products, coupled with our engineering expertise, enables us to offer varying design options to suit any unusual or challenging applications.  

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