Telescopic Mast

Telescopic Mast Lifts


A small footprint, high capacity lift.



Serapid Telescopic Masts are a unique product for lifting heavy loads in a compact footprint. Our telescopic masts provide a stable, reliable and repeatable means to lift loads. Used in entertainment, industry, metrology, aerospace, security and defense,

Technical Specifications
Extended Height RangeFrom 10ft./6m to 40ft./ 12m unguided  - 40ft - 60ft/18m supported
Retracted Height Range1/4 the stroke length
Speed10fpm/50mm/s to 60fpm/300mm/s
Power Requirements12-96VDC - 120-480 AC
Payload - Single mastFrom 200lbs/91kg to 1000lbs/454kg
Payload - Triple mast2000lbs/907kg
As small as 24in/.6m square


Telescopic Mast for Manufacturing


Man lift   Mast at 30 feet   Telescopic mast for laser projector


Telescopic Mast for Entertainment

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Telescopic Mast for live broadcast   Special treatment for indoor/outdoor use   Mast with outriggers


Telescopic Mast for Metrology and Defense

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TriMast extended   CWS deployed   Metrology masts