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Building Dynamics

The LinkLift™ and Rigid Chain technologies provide unique solutions for a wide array of applications outside of stage equipment and manufacturing. If your project has challenges in these areas please contact us for cost effective, reliable and easy to maintain solutions.

 Truck and Goods Lifts: LinkLift™ has numerous advantages to hydraulic or hydraulic/cable systems:

  • Reliable: the LinkLift™ is a robust and simple electro-mechanical system with no pumps, glands, oil, valves or complicated controls.
  • No requirement for locking pins or compensation system and no differential movement under uneven loading – the car or platform cannot move away from park position as weight is increased
  • All load distributed through floor
  • Low maintenance – quarterly wipe down of the chain is all that’s required
  • No oversize shaft or deep pit required and there is no machine room required.
  • High mechanical efficiency provides a much lower energy use – as much as 2/3rd’s lower
  • No heat removal requirement
  • Energy regeneration available
  • Certified by the German office of certification RWTUV

 Flexible Venues:

With the LinkLift™ QSX-II system you can go from flat floor to a room full of raked seating at the touch of a button. No wagons, platforms or racks and racks of loose chairs are required.  QSX-II minimizes turn-around time to maximize your ability to make use of your space.

Vertical and Horizontal Transport

The LinkLift™ family of Rigid Chains is a unique method for precise linear movement of heavy loads. Based on a simple electro-mechanical system, it provides a reliable, durable and low-maintenance solution to moving loads in areas that are unsafe, inaccessible or expensive for personnel to reach. Transport of hazardous materials or the movement of safety beacons on radio masts to safe locations for service are just two examples of the power of LinkLift™ to ease maintenance, protect workers and decrease downtime of your operations.

Moveable Structures

Our Rigid Chain provides linear motion for loads of almost any size to millimeter repeatability, moving extremely heavy structures such as roof systems, walls and seating towers with precision.

Kinetic Architecture

With Serapid technology you are no longer captive to the building’s base form. You can modify your spaces to fit changing functions: move walls, ceilings, floors within or outside the envelope of the building. For example: the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) uses LinkLift™ to move a glass skybox outside to the building’s envelope.